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Stump Removal Southern Highlands

When we come to your site for inspection and pricing we need to establish access to the stump, and consequently which machine would be most suitable for your requirements. During inspection, please inform us what your reasons for stump grinding. Are you removing the stump to re-turf, or to re-plant in the area, is there any construction taking place in the area, ie. concrete, paving, plumbing etc, or are you removing the tree stump for white ant or termite prevention? Stump removal Southern Highlands, the variables determine how deep we would need to grind. Tree stumps usually require removal for a number of reasons.

They’re usually the ugly remnants  left in your yard after a tree has either fallen or been removed. Sometimes, they can even remain after a very heavy storm has destroyed the tree naturally. They can interfere with the look of your landscaping, they can be a safety hazard to people that walk near them, and they’re not too nice to look at generally speaking. We can provide quick stump grinding service in the Southern Highlands for your home or business.

Our knowledgable and professional staff will give you several good options. Most of the time, we use something known as a stump grinding machine.  This will remove the stump and dig about 6-9 inches under the soil. It’s the quickest way to remove your stump most times. Chemical solutions are also an option although this will take a much longer time to remove the stump and is only recommended under exceptional circumstances. Stump removal Southern Highlands.

Our experience has includes work for local council, commercial businesses and private customers. Above All Arbor specialise in the removal and maintenance of large trees and land clearing as well as offering a friendly professional service in all other aspects of tree care including; felling, thinning, reductions, pruning, stump grinding, crown lifting, cable bracing, deadwood removal, hedge cutting and emergency call outs. Stump removal Southern Highlands.

Either way, we can provide fast, expert, Southern Highlands stump removals for your residential or commercial property. Stump removal Southern Highlands. Don't put up with an eye-sore or a safety hazard to you family  a minute longer and call us today!